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Computer Operation

48 Hours
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Course Overview:

This course provides an introduction to the basics of computer operation, covering essential skills and knowledge required for effective use of computers in various settings. Topics include computer hardware and software fundamentals, file management, basic troubleshooting, and an introduction to productivity tools.

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Who Will Benefit:

In the contemporary landscape, where technology is the cornerstone of daily operations, the concept of complete computer operation has become increasingly pivotal. The seamless functioning of computer systems is a necessity for a broad spectrum of individuals and entities.


Course Module:

Module-1: Introduction to Computers

Module-2: Operating Systems

Module-3: Basic Software Applications

Module-4: Internet Basics

Module-5: File Management

Module-6: Basic Troubleshooting

Module-7: Computer Ethics and Security

Module-8: Future Trends in Computing

Delivery Details:

Total Class: 24
Total Duration: Total 48hrs
Class Per Week: 2 Days per week
Class Duration: 2 hours
Language: Bangla, English

Delivery Mode:

Online: Blended

Course Fees: Online- BDT- 12500/-