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Professional Back-office Service

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Course Overview:

A professional course on back office services offers a comprehensive understanding of administrative, operational, and support functions that are essential for organizational efficiency. Participants learn about data entry and management techniques, and they can master office automation tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Google Workspace.

Basic accounting principles are introduced alongside an emphasis on quality assurance and compliance with relevant regulations, honing communication skills for clarity and professionalism in written and verbal interactions, coupled with effective time management strategies.

During the course, participants will acquire knowledge of customer relationship management systems and problem-solving methodologies. The course places emphasis on workflow optimization, ethical considerations, and IT and cybersecurity awareness to ensure the protection of data integrity. Moreover, the course enables participants to work collaboratively with their colleagues while fostering teamwork. Participants will also learn how to analyze performance metrics and report their findings, creating opportunities for career advancement within the back-office domain.

Why this Course?

This course is designed to cater to a diverse audience seeking to improve their proficiency in back-office operations and advance their careers in administrative and support roles within organizations.

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Course Outline:

Module-2: Operate in a team environment

Module-3: Apply basic IT skills

Module-4: Apply occupational health and safety (OHS) practice in the workplace

Module-5: Type documents in Bangla and English

Module-6: Use internet and social network

Module-7: Comply with ethical standards in the workplace

Module-8: Acquire soft skills in customer service

Module-9: Interpret professional back office services (PBS)

Module-10: Use spreadsheets for business data management

Module-11: Perform business development activities

Module-12: Perform clipping path activities

Module-13: Perform digital marketing


Delivery Details:

Total Class: 24
Total Duration: Total 48hrs
Class Per Week: 2 Days per week
Class Duration: 2 hours
Language: Bangla, English

Delivery Mode:

Online: Blended

Course Fees: Online- BDT- 12500/-