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Commercial Content Writing for Freelancing

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Course Overview:

The Commercial Content Writing for Freelancing course provides comprehensive training on crafting compelling content tailored for commercial purposes, equipping freelancers with the skills necessary to excel in the competitive world of digital marketing. Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, participants learn to create engaging copy that drives sales, enhances brand visibility, and captivates target audiences across various platforms.

Why LCBS Dhaka?

LCBS Dhaka is unique with its products and services designed and offered locally & internationally. LCBS Dhaka is the only platform in Bangladesh with international recognition for the premium partnering with International organizations where internationally recognized Chartered qualifications & Certification courses are offered, Exams are taken, Corporate Training & Soft Skills provided as per employers needs and job placement done. Since 2007 LCBS Dhaka has served the highest number of students, Corporate Clients and offered the highest number of courses with success globally. It ensures delivery of quality education & Training with renowned training specialists from home and abroad. Quantity is not the priority- Quality, Commitment & Clients’ Feedback is our wealth. Hear from our clients whom we served already by visiting our YouTube channel-

Who will benefit?

From mastering persuasive language techniques to understanding SEO principles and honing editing skills, this course empowers freelancers to produce high-quality content that meets the diverse needs of clients. By the end of the program, students emerge with a versatile toolkit that not only enhances their earning potential but also establishes them as sought-after professionals in the dynamic field of commercial content writing.

Course Module:

Module-1: Operate Office application software

Module-2: Access information using internet and electronic mail

Module-3: Comply to ethical standard in ICT workplace

Module-4: Interpret fundamentals of contents writing

Module-5: Collect & Compile information

Module-6: Perform Research

Module-7: Interpret Content writing Tools

Module-8: Develop SEO Content

Module-9: Proofread the final content

Module-10: Practice Negotiation Skills


Delivery Details:

Total Class: 24
Total Duration: Total 48 hrs
Class Per Week: 2 Days per week
Class Duration: 2 hours
Language: Bangla, English

Delivery Mode:

Online: Blended

Course Fees: Online- BDT- 12500/-

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