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Network & System Security

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Course Overview:

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of network and system security principles, techniques, and best practices. Students will learn about the various threats to networks and systems, including malware, hacking, and social engineering, and explore strategies for mitigating these risks. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and case studies, participants will gain practical experience in securing both individual systems and entire network infrastructures. Topics covered include cryptography, access control, intrusion detection/prevention, firewalls, secure protocols, risk assessment, incident response, and ethical considerations in cybersecurity.

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Who will benefit?

Network and system security not only enhances one’s technical proficiency but also cultivates a heightened awareness of ethical and legal considerations in cybersecurity, ensuring responsible and compliant practices in the protection of sensitive data and information assets. Ultimately, this course empowers individuals to play a crucial role in defending against cyber threats and contributing to the resilience of digital infrastructure in today’s interconnected world.

Course Module:

Module-1: Introduction to Network and System Security

Module-2: Fundamentals of Cryptography

Module-3: Access Control and Authentication

Module-4: Network Security Technologies

Module-5: Secure Network Protocols

Module-6: Securing Operating Systems

Module-7: Malware Detection and Prevention

Module-8: Network Security Architecture

Module-9: Incident Response and Recovery

Module-10: Emerging Trends and Future Directions


Delivery Details:

Total Class: 24
Total Duration: Total 48 hrs
Class Per Week: 2 Days per week
Class Duration: 2 hours
Language: Bangla, English

Delivery Mode:

Online: Blended

Course Fees: Online- BDT- 12500/-

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